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Since 2004, we have amassed a customer base in the thousands, providing our simple and affordable services to the fine people of the Piedmont Triad.  We work by appointment only, and there may be a waiting list.  Give us a try and see why.

Backyard Washing

Our Services - Since 2004

Three Types of Wash


Building exteriors need cleaning like anything else.  Brick and concrete collect mold and mildew stains from the environment over time.  These can easily be eliminated by a high-pressure Power-Wash.  No harm to surrounding plants or flowers, just a clean surface.

Pressure Washer on Stairs

Soft Wash (safe chemicals)

Over time, walls, gutter facings, siding, almost all exterior surfaces attract mold and mildew from the elements.  We use a safe and harmless High-Alkaline detergent solution on your home or office exterior to kill the green or black mold and mildew stains, (not your plants or shrubs).  No high water pressure here, just the soft spray of the solution, and a gentle rinse, as if it were from a garden hose.

# 2 chem wash house.jpg

Window and Glass Door Cleaning

While we are cleaning the exterior of your home or office, it is a good time to address those dirty windows.  We use methods and a proprietary window-cleaning solution accepted as the best in the industry to clean the exterior of those windows.  To achieve "no-streak" windows outside, we use our Deionized Water/Water Fed Pole equipment. Upon request, we can do the interior of the windows as well.

#3 two story window washing.png

By Appointment Only...

Proudly based in Greensboro, NC

336.848.0442 or 336.425.4803

Pressure Washer on Stairs
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